Revolutionizing the Chocolate Industry: UP-UP Unveils a Human-First Approach to Chocolate

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – The chocolate industry, often synonymous with indulgence and sweetness, harbors a bitter truth behind the scenes. UP-UP, a trailblazing force in the confectionery world, is stepping forward to confront the contradictions and reshape the narrative by championing a human-first chocolate industry.

A Call to Action Against Exploitation

Addressing the Root Cause: Poverty

Poverty lies at the heart of the chocolate industry's challenges, driving individuals to accept unjust wages and endure harsh working conditions. Children forsake education for labor, and the arbitrary nature of working conditions prevails. UP-UP recognizes this systemic issue and seeks to instigate change by putting people before profit, prioritizing opportunity over exploitation, and placing human welfare above corporate metrics.

Vision for Change

A Chocolate Industry Free from Exploitation

UP-UP envisions a chocolate industry free from all forms of exploitation. What sets UP-UP apart is its cocoa supply chain, verified 100% SLAVE-FREE in collaboration with While industry discussions about traceability typically focus on the raw commodity, UP-UP goes a step further by verifying both people and cocoa.

Unprecedented Certification

World’s First SLAVE-FREE Chocolate

UP-UP proudly holds the title of the world's first chocolate certified by slavefreetrade as SLAVE-FREE. By shedding light on every aspect of the supply chain, from farm to consumer, UP-UP ensures fair and honest treatment of workers. This commitment guarantees that consumers can unwrap a bar of UP-UP chocolate with confidence, knowing they are making a socially responsible choice.

Bringing Fairness to Every Aspect

More Than a Chocolate Bar

UP-UP is more than just a delectable chocolate bar; it's a beacon of fairness and opportunity in an industry long overdue for transformation. The brand invites consumers to feel good about the chocolate they eat and the positive impact on those who contribute to its creation.

A Pledge to Turn the Industry Upside Down

Daring to Bring Change

UP-UP is proud of its chocolate bars, which represent the delicious outcome of a commitment to fairness and opportunity. However, the brand's mission extends beyond taste to challenge the status quo of the entire chocolate industry. UP-UP will persist until every aspect is turned upside down, ushering in a new era of ethics and responsibility.

Join UP-UP in the movement for a chocolate industry that prioritizes humanity, where every bar signifies a step towards a brighter, more equitable future.

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About UP-UP

UP-UP is a revolutionary force in the chocolate industry, committed to reshaping the narrative by prioritizing a human-first approach. Verified 100% SLAVE-FREE in partnership with, UP-UP goes beyond the norm, ensuring fair treatment and transparency in every aspect of its cocoa supply chain. UP-UP is not just a chocolate bar; it's a catalyst for positive change in an industry that demands transformation.