UP-UP Achieves B Corp Certification: Pioneering a New Era of Ethical Chocolate

[CITY], [DATE] – UP-UP, the revolutionary force committed to transforming the chocolate industry, proudly announces its official certification as a B Corp. This landmark achievement solidifies UP-UP's dedication to creating a fairer and more equitable business landscape.

A Bold Commitment to Fairness and Transparency

Joining the Ranks of B Corps

UP-UP joins the ranks of B Corps, trailblazers in the business world dedicated to social and environmental impact. Becoming a B Corp is more than a label; it's a powerful statement of UP-UP's commitment to transparency, accountability, and equality in every aspect of its operations. This certification signifies that every UP-UP bar is crafted fairly, ethically, and sustainably.

The B Corp Movement

A Rigorous Journey Towards Impact Standards

Becoming a B Corp is no easy feat; UP-UP underwent a thorough and rigorous application process, demonstrating a profound commitment to social and environmental performance. The certification showcases UP-UP's consistent adherence to the high standards set by B Lab, emphasizing the brand's dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

Measurement Across 5 Key Categories

Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community

The B Impact Assessment evaluates companies across five key categories: Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community. By achieving B Corp certification, UP-UP demonstrates a commitment to measuring and improving its performance and impact in each of these critical areas.

UP-UP's Impact on the World

A Glimpse into Positive Change

Single Estate Origin

UP-UP's commitment to positive change is evident in its sourcing practices. All cocoa used in UP-UP's chocolate is of single estate origin, sourced from a farm in the Necocli region of Colombia. By making chocolate at the origin, UP-UP ensures more wealth stays within the local community, creating legal jobs and enabling cocoa farmers to earn a living wage.

Slave Free Certification

In partnership with slavefreetrade.org, UP-UP has embarked on a mission to address the challenges of child and forced labor in the chocolate industry. Quarterly surveys conducted by Slavefreetrade assess every aspect of UP-UP's cocoa supply chain, aligning with the 10 principles of decent work and international human rights law. UP-UP's dedication to these principles ensures fair and just treatment for everyone involved.

Palm Oil Free

UP-UP takes a stand against deforestation by ensuring none of its chocolates contain palm oil. Embracing a human-first approach to chocolate production, UP-UP uses only cocoa-derived products, allowing for greater control over flavor complexity and improved product stability during shelf life.

A Human-First Chocolate Bar

Great Chocolate. No Downside.

UP-UP isn't just a chocolate bar; it's a commitment to positive change in the industry. With UP-UP, consumers can indulge in chocolate that not only tastes good but also embodies goodness. Join UP-UP in reshaping the chocolate industry—one bar at a time. Why not try some today?

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About UP-UP

UP-UP is a revolutionary force in the chocolate industry, proudly certified as a B Corp. Committed to a human-first approach, UP-UP ensures fairness, transparency, and sustainability in every aspect of its operations. From single estate origin cocoa to Slave Free Certification and palm oil-free products, UP-UP is on a mission to turn the industry upside down. Great Chocolate. No Downside.