We are proud to announce that UP-UP has now been certified as a B Corp! 

B Corps are the trailblazers of the business world and we can't wait to announce that UP-UP has now joined them! Being a B Corp is a statement of our commitment to a fairer and more equitable industry. 

With this certification, we're proud to champion transparency, accountability and equality. So every time you unwrap an UP-UP bar, you can be confident it has been made fairly, ethically and sustainably.


The B Corp Movement

Becoming a B Corp isn't easy, we went through a long and rigorous application process. However, the depth and level of work and commitment required to become a B Corp only presents the significance of the certification even more, as it shows how UP-UP has met the standards of social environmental performance time and time again.

So what does it actually mean to become B Corp certified? Well, B Corps aren't your average run of the mill companies; these are champions of social good and environmental warriors, audaciously certified by indomitable B Lab. B Corp was created with the idea and vision that companies need a set of impact standards to help support change.

Within the B Impact Assessment, there are 5 categories which a company is evaluated through; Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment and Community. By becoming a certified B Corp, we are able to measure and compare our performance and impact within each one of these areas. 

B Corp is not just a badge; it's a bold testament to a business's unyielding dedication to making a difference and leaving a positive mark on the world. 


UP-UP's Impact on the World

So now we have covered the significance of becoming a B Corp, let's take a look at the things we have already done to push towards a positive change within business: 

Single Estate Origin

When we started with UP-UP, we knew we wanted to do things differently. That's why all of our cocoa used within our chocolate is single estate origin.

We source our cocoa on a single estate farm in the Necocli region of Colombia. Our chocolate is made at origin which means the majority of the production process takes place in the country of origin. We then receive the chocolate couverture in our factory in Edinburgh, where we then melt down the chocolate and add the flavours.

By making our chocolate in this way, more wealth stays in the local community in Colombia. This then creates more legal jobs and allows cocoa farmers to be paid a living wage. 

Our Slave Free Certification

It's no secret that at UP-UP, we strongly believe that everyone has a voice, and we have chosen to use ours. Our mission is to turn the chocolate industry upside down. It is very well known that the two biggest problems faced within the industry are child labour and forced labour. We want to be a part of changing this which is why we work with slavefreetrade.org to verify our entire cocoa supply chain from start to finish.

Slavefreetrade is on a relentless mission for change, they're all about action, which is why we invited them to conduct quarterly surveys to assess our cocoa supply chain. These surveys are sent to every single person involved in our cocoa supply chain and delve into the very core of Slavefreetrade's 10 principles of decent work. 

These principles are a powerhouse that sweeps across the vast landscape of international human rights law, shaking hands with every notion that waltzes through workplace conditions. Think of them as the ultimate cosmic code that paints the portrait of decent work in dazzling detail. 

By conducting these surveys quarterly, we know exactly what the workplace conditions are like and how everyone is treated. So we can be sure that it's fair and just.

Palm Oil Free

None of our chocolates contain any form of palm oil. Palm oil has been a major driver for deforestation. Not only do we believe in a human first approach to our chocolate production, but we also want to keep our impact on the environment at a low. 

For our chocolates, we actually don't use any types of fats or alternatives, we only use products derived from cacao. The benefits of this is that we can have more control on the flavour, which builds up the complexity of the chocolate. Also by only using cocoa derived products, we can improve the stability of the product during the shelf life.

We are not just a chocolate bar, we are a human first chocolate bar. With UP-UP, you can be sure that the chocolate not only tastes good but it IS good. Great Chocolate. No Downside. Why not try some today?