The Birth of UP-UP

The chocolate industry is one big contradiction. Those feel-good treats are hiding a whole lot of bad stuff behind the scenes.

Unsurprisingly, poverty is at the heart of it. Poverty means people are willing to work for far less than they should. Children forgo school and education to work in fields and factories. Working conditions are determined as and when the boss feels like it.

We want to change the entire chocolate industry for the better, by prioritizing a human first chocolate industry. Human first means putting people before profit. It means opportunity before exploitation and it means putting the welfare of humans above the metrics of corporations.

Our Vision: A chocolate industry free from all forms of exploitation. 

What makes UP-UP different is our cocoa supply chain. Partnering with we have verified the our cocoa 100% SLAVE FREE. When the industry talks about traceability they are talking about the raw commodity and not the people that work in that supply chain. We verify people and cocoa.

People: We ask every person in every workplace involved in the supply chain about their conditions and assessing those conditions against international human rights law.

Product: Our beans are fully traceable from farm through to consumer.

UP-UP is the world’s first chocolate to be certified by slaverfreetrade as SLAVE-FREE. But we’re more than a chocolate bar. By shining a light on every part of our supply chain, we know how they’re treated and how they’re paid and we can be sure it’s fair, it’s honest. So you can feel good when you unwrap a bar of our chocolate. Really, really good.

UP-UP is great chocolate. No downside.

We think you should feel good about the chocolate you eat and those who help make it. And we won’t stop until we've turned the whole industry upside down.

We’re proud of our chocolate bars. But they’re just the delicious result of everything we do. We dare to bring fairness and opportunity to the chocolate industry.